PhD at one of the top Universities of the world: MIPT

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Take a chance to start your research in a TOP research university in Russia


MIPT is a leading Russian academic and research center ranked among the best 100 universities worldwide according to Times Higher Education multiple subject rankings. Since 1951, the University has educated students in technical and natural sciences, advanced Russian and world sciences.

MIPT encompasses the past and the present: Its schools follow the principles established by the University’s founding fathers — Nobel laureates Pyotr Kapitsa, Lev Landau, and Nikolay Semenov — complementing them with cutting-edge research and education practices.

MIPT combines education in technical and natural sciences, preparing highly qualified professionals in theoretical and applied physics, mathematics, informatics, computer engineering, chemistry, and biology. Among MIPT alumni are Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, who received a Nobel Prize “For groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene.”

Key figures

  • 10 Nobel laureates among alumni and faculty
  • 44 gold medals earned by Russian school students in international Olympiads after training from MIPT.
  • 18k+ Scopus-listed publications
  • 17k+ Web of Science publications
  • 97+/100 points required at school graduation exams for landing a state-funded position at MIPT
  • 86 corresponding and regular members of the Russian Academy of Sciences on faculty
  • 7,500 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students
  • 150+ laboratories on the MIPT campus

MIPT is a leading Russian university where talented students gain both a strong theoretical background and opportunities for research in advanced areas of science. By cooperating with other world-class research centers, it maintains an emphasis on fundamental science.

An MIPT education distinguishes sought-after professionals in general and applied physics, natural and biomedical sciences, mathematics and engineering, informatics and computer technology.

Obtaining a PhD degree at MIPT will become your launching pad for your outstanding research achievements and will let you enter elite scientific community worldwide!

Just check the brochure , choose a supervisor whose area of research is well-aligned with yours and contact MIPT admission team directly via email: (Subject: #PhD).

Best of luck!