On the eve of Victory Day, in the sky over New York an airplane will fly with a 30-meter St. George ribbon

The geography of the projects "Immortal Regiment" and "St. George's Ribbon" in the United States has significantly expanded. More than 30 cities across the country - twice as much as a year ago, has confirmed their participation.

Marches of "Immortal Regiment" in honor of Victory Day will be held in the US on May 5 and 6. The most numerous marches involving blockade and veterans will be held in New York, San Francisco and Washington DC. Among the other cities that announced the action are San Diego (California), Orlando, Jacksonville, Palm Coast and St. Petersburg (Florida), Seattle (Washington), Chicago (Illinois), Denver (Colorado), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania ), Detroit and Portland (Michigan).

The memorable action takes place in the US for the third time. This year, was launched a special Internet portal polkusa.org, where you can get detailed information about all the planned routes of "Immortal Regiment" movement in the US.

Moreover, the project "St. George's ribbon" has already started on April 25 in the capital near the White House. Volunteers distributed ribbons to passers-by explaining the meaning of this symbol of victory and reminding them of the common history of Russia and America during the Second World War. On May 6, in the sky over New York the plane will fly over, to which will be attached a 30-meter St. George ribbon.

Other events are planned for the Victory Day. On the west coast of the United States will be a charity motor rally "Thanks to my grandfather for victory!", In other cities - the relay race. Active participation in the celebration of the Victory will be taken by Russian-language schools in the United States. There will be "Lessons of courage", cultural and educational actions "The Wall of Memory" and "Beauty will save the world".